Mystique is honored to provide it’s guests
the most accomplished World-Renowned magicians touring today.

These Masters of Magic will be your host
for a rare intimate evening of magic, mystery and often mayhem.
Miracles will happen in your hands, hearts & minds!

Schedule subject to change without notice.

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January 29th through February 2nd – Peter Samelson

February 5th through February 9th – Shawn McMaster

February 12th through February 16th – Kris Bentz

February 19th through March 2nd – George Tovar

March 5th through March 9th – Jade

March 12th through March 16th – Kyle Littleton

March 19th through March 30th – Bob Sheets

April 2nd through April 6th – Alex Ramon

April 9th through April 13th – Steve Branham

April 16th through April 20th – Andy Amyx

April 23rd through April 27th – Frank Deville

April 30th through May 11th – Larry Wilson

May 14th through May 18th – Christopher Taylor

May 21st through May 25th – Bill Abbott

May 28th through June 8th – Bruce Gold

June 11th through June 22nd – George Tovar

June 25th through June 29th – Jared Kopf

July 2nd through July 6th – Dave Cox

July 9th through July 13th – Steve Branham

July 16th through July 27th – Arthur Trace

July 30th through August 3rd – Keith Fields

August 6th through August 17th – Wayne Houchin

August 20th through August 31st – Bob Sheets

September 3rd through September 7th – Paul Vigil

September 13th through September 14th – Steve Branham

September 19th through November 2nd – Docc Hilford

November 5th through November 9th – Robert Ramirez

November 12th through November 16th – Rafael Benatar

November 19th through November 23rd – Alex Slemmer

November 26th through November 30th – Erik Tait

December 3rd through January 4th(2020) – Bob Sheets



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Scheduled Performers Subject to Change

Bill Abbott

Scott Alexander

Michael Ammar

Andy Amyx

Andy Amyx

Kris Bentz

Steve Branham

Dave Cox

Doc Eason

Keith Fields

Keith Fields

Bruce Gold

Andrew Goldenhersh

Docc Hilford

Wayne Houchin



Jared Kopf

Kyle Littleton

Kyle Littleton

Nick Locapo

John Lovick

Shawn McMaster

Shawn McMaster

Steve Owens

Naathan Phan

Alex Ramon


Peter Samelson

Bob Sheets

John Stetson

Suzanne the Magician

Christopher Taylor


George Tovar

Arthur Trace

Paul Vigil

Larry Wilson