Purchase Disclaimer and Terms

Prestige Performance Venues Inc. requests that you become aware of the following policies and procedures before making your purchase.

Similar to airlines, hotels, and other theatrical events, discounts, or promotional codes MAY NOT be applied to previously purchased tickets.

2. Gift Certificate Usage
Often sold at a significant discounts, gift certificates may not be used in conjunction with seasonal discounts or promotions. Some performances restrict the use of gift certificates and promo codes.

3. Processing/Service Fees
A processing fee is added for card fees and third party ticket management fees. A service charge allows us to pay a competitive living wage to the staff. In addition to these fees, state and local sales taxes are assessed. These fees are charged on all purchases in-store and online regardless of payment type.

4. Gratuities
If you desire to leave a gratuity for service or entertainment, please do so in person at your event. These funds will be paid in their entirety to those who assisted you.

5. Refunds
Performances canceled by circumstances beyond our control will be issued a credit in the form of a credit certificate which will be posted to your account dashboard for future use. This is a strict policy and, regrettably, guest emergencies both public or private, illness, forgotten reservations, performer substitutions, government shutdowns, weather, and other acts of God do not affect this policy. Reservations may be rescheduled with an advanced notice of least 48-hours.

6. Arrival Expectations
Guests are seated promptly at their scheduled time. It is suggested that you arrive in the lobby to check in 5 to 10 minutes ahead of time. We are unable to wait for late arrivals due to the tight schedule we follow. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ADJUST SEATING ASSIGNMENTS if needed due to extreme late arrivals in order to enhance the experience for all.

7. Performer Schedules
Scheduled performers are subject to change without notice. If the scheduled performer changes, you may reschedule your performance to another date with at least a 48-hour advance notice. Refunds are not given for schedule changes. It is your responsibility to check if scheduled performers have changed.

8. Cell Phone Use and Limitations
Patrons are encouraged to take photos of the venue and share them on social media, HOWEVER, any use of phones and filming during the performance portion is STRICTLY PROHIUBITED. Entertainers shows are copyrighted to protect their content. In addition, flash lighting is not only a distraction, but can be a spoiler to magic and theatrical effects in the chamber.

9. Inappropriate Behavior
Management reserves the right to prohibit entry, refuse and terminate service, or expel immediately any individual or individuals who are deemed by management or performers to be inappropriate, disruptive, inebriated, or disrespectful.

10. Consent
By purchasing admissions to our venues, you are consenting to receive promotional materials by direct mail, SMS, or digital means. You may opt out by sending notice to mystiquedining@gmail.com.

11. Privacy Policy All guests acknowledge the use of audio and video surveillance at all times and agree to the use of your image and/or statements in any promotional materials or distribution within any media type without further notice or compensation.

12. We do not share personal contact information with any third party.